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Domain Press Releases

Press release Jan, 2001

Transparent Affiliate Program - Set Your Own Price - Get Paid!

0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com announces a new Transparent Affiliate program for Domain Registration that allows the affiliate to set their own price. 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com handles all the processing for the affiliate.

The affiliate can choose from a selection of pre-designed search boxes or have one designed free. All the affiliate is required to do is sign-up and place the search box on their site. A secure real-time link handles all the searches and registration processes.

Non-competitive Environment: They recognize the customer base is the most important asset. 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com does not engage in Web hosting, Web design or Internet access. 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com is dedicated to providing the best products and services for the domain industry. 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com handles all the work and the affiliate gets paid. The whole process only takes about ten minutes and the affiliate is up and running.

The customer receives all the fast, easy, secure, real-time services that they would receive at 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com without knowing of their existence. The customer has access to the "BEST domain management account User Preferred" in the industry. 0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com frees up the affiliates credit for the bills they need to pay to keep their business functioning. Unlike other programs there are no membership fees or any up-front fees. The cost is about ten minutes of your time. You can find all the details at www.0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com.


Press release OCT 2000

 Domain Name Registration Questions & Answers!

Site mission ‘Information for the Consumer’

Domain name registration service provider that provides answers to real people’s questions. More answers with “real value” on one site than other sites offer. The FAQ’s contains three times the information of most sites and provides additional pages of in-depth information of “value” for the first time registrars. The first piece of the puzzle is domain registration. This sites mission is to provide all the information about the process that is desired by the new business and individual wishing to register and find information about domain name registration. The sites theme “Questions?” “We’ve got the answers”. The site even provides a separate search box for searching their own site for possible locations of answers to questions.

http://www.0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com is a site that is committed to serving the consumer providing all the information in one place in an easy to find format. “The little things are important because the consumers time is important”. Example: have you ever been to a site and wondered what credit cards they accepted? You have to fill out their purchase form and near the end you find the answer, what a waste of time. At this site they not only tell you the type of payment accepted but they even show you the information that will be requested on the form as well as help as you go. What’s a URL? They will show you more detail than just a short answer. This is just an example of how the site is constructed. Their primary mission is to provide domain name registration information.

Their service is in real time, secure processing, unlimited free name search, free domain name parking, free membership and one of the best free member domain name management accounts available. The fees are very competitive, a real value, never a hidden charge. No membership forms or fees, just register a domain name and you are a member. Automated real time leading edge technology provides you with direct access to the shared directory.

If you desire a domain name registration service provider who’s primary mission is to bring information of ‘real value’ to the consumer you will be pleased with www.0-domain-name-registration-stuff.com.




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