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Advanced users

Activate DNS Service today!

DNS Service can be very confusing - it is for more advanced users. If you are looking to change the DNS servers for a domain, that is not done through DNS Service. Please LOGIN to the domain manager to use the Change DNS/ Hosting Info link.

If, though, you are the advanced user who has a Mail Exchange or website hosted on your computer, for example, let us be your nameserver! For just $9.95 per year, we will host your domain, and you can use our DNS Service tool to specify an MX Record, a CNAME Record or ANAME Record. You will still be responsible for configuring your mail or website server host, but we can allow you to specify the IP address or hostname of that host.

Activate DNS Service today!
Click here
to log in and set up DNS Service.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this where I change my DNS records?
No, that can be done free of charge through the domain manager, using the Change DNS/ Hosting Info link.

2. I'm totally confused...
If you are not familiar with these technical terms, don't worry! These are for the advanced user. Most people will be just fine with DNS from their website hosts, or our forwarding services, and won't need to use DNS Service at all.

3. How do I set up a Mail Exchange server/ Website Hosting server?
The DNS Service is similar to the Change DNS/Hosting link, in that we allow you to specify the DNS servers of your host, but it is still up to your host to configure everything properly. With DNS Service, you can specify the IP address or hostname of your MX Record, CNAME Record or ANAME Record, but it is still up to you to configure everything else.

4. Who will be hosting my domain/website/email?
We will host your domain, and will allow you to specify the IP address or hostname of your MX Record, CNAME Record or ANAME Record. You will be responsible for the hosting and configuration of your website or email, of course.

5. Is there anything I can't do?
Due to traffic restrictions, we strictly prohibit the sending of unsolicited email promoting any domain hosted on our DNS servers.



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