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Domain Registration Submission and Terms

You will need to supply certain information when you register a domain name. But first you must do a domain name search to make sure that the name is available. When you do the search you will be advised of the status of the name that you entered, the availability of the name in the top-level extensions. You can now choose the ones, if available, that you wish to register and will be taken to the registration form. You will be required to provide the following information.

  • ACCESS INFORMATION: Choose a Username and Password. This will allow you access to your free "Domain Management" account.

  • REGISTRANT INFORMATION: The "registrant" is the actual owner of the domain. If you are registering this name as an agent of a company, you should put the company name as the registrant. If you are registering this name independently, you should put your name as the registrant. example- you are John Doe, and you work for xyz Company. If you are registering the domain "xyzcompany.com", and plan to use this domain for a corporate website or email, you should list XYZ Company as the registrant, If however, you are registering the domain "johndoe.com", and plan to use this domain for a personal website or email, you should list John Doe as the registrant.

  • CONTACT INFORMATION: This is the individual who will have control of the domain name and will be managing the domain. The contact will receive all correspondence concerning the domain such as renewal information. The contact will supply contact information including an active e-mail address. The contact will have the authorized control of the domain name with access to the "Domain Management" account and will be able to make changes to the domain such as domain name server information. See Whois info

  • DNS INFORMATION: You can change this information later. The DNServers will be supplied and your domain name will be "PARKED" FREE until you are ready to use them. When you have your site ready your web hosting company will supply you with the new server information.

  • PAYMENT INFORMATION: You will choose a method of payment. Major credit cards are accepted, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa.

  • TERMS OF SERVICE:  I agree to pay a non-refundable registration fee (charges appear as "Domain Registration"). After the initial registration term has elapsed, I agree to pay a yearly renewal fee for each domain name. I may, however, choose not to renew my registration, and am aware that the domain will then revert to the common pool. By registering the domain name, and through the use or continued use of the domain name, the registrant agrees to be bound by the terms of InterNIC's current domain name policy which is available here. Registration does not guarantee the ability to use the domain name, or that a third party will not object to the use of a domain name. The registrant bears the sole responsibility of ensuring that the domain name does not infringe upon any trademarks, trade names, service marks, patents, or copyrights, et.al.




American express - Discover



Visa - Master Card

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