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Step-by-Step  Hosting

                                             Standard Hosting
Host your website, email and DNS.
with WebSite Hosting
Website hosting is an easy to use online tool that you can use to manage all aspects of hosting your domains. All HsT packages include the Plesk control panel, an industry standard for managing all aspects of your hosting account.


HsT Simple
Simple, is perfect for individuals or small business looking to make a web presence

> 500 Mb of Storage
> 12 Gb of Bandwidth
> 1 Domain Hosted
> 5 Email Accounts

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HsT Basic
Basic, is perfect for those in need of some extra storage or some extra transfer, but aren't ready to make the jump to the HsT Full just yet

> 2 Gb of Storage
> 32 Gb of Bandwidth
> 3 Domains Hosted
> 15 Email Accounts

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HsT Full
Full, is perfect for anyone who wants centralized management of a couple of websites, and is looking for some added functionality.

> 4 Gb of Storage
> 80 Gb of Bandwidth
> 5 Domains Hosted
> 25 Email Accounts

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HsT E-Commerce
Sell your product online; with this all-in-one e-commerce solution.


> 10 Gb of Storage
> 160 Gb of Bandwidth
> 10 Domains Hosted
> 50 Email Accounts

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Features Simple Basic Full E-Commerce
Disk Storage 500 Mb 2 Gb 4 Gb 10 Gb
1.Monthly Transfer 12 Gb 32Gb 80 Gb 160 Gb
2.# of Hosted Domains 1 3 5 10
3.# of Email Accounts 5 15 25 50
4.# of MySQL Databases 1 3 5 10
5.Autoresponders 1 3 5 10
6.DNS Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
7.POP3 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
8.Webmail Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
9.Password Protected Directories Yes Yes Yes Yes
10.phpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes Yes
11.Ability to Create Subdomains   Yes Yes Yes
12.Domain Aliases     Yes Yes
13.Mailing Lists     Yes Yes
14.Dedicated IP       Yes
15.SSL Support       Yes
1.Monthly Transfer references how much data can be transfered on a monthly basis
2.# of Domains refers to the number of domains that can be hosted in a single HsT package
3.# of Email Accounts refers to the number of hosted email accounts provided with a given package
4.# of MySQL Databases refers to the number of hosted MySQL Databases provided with a given package
5.Autoresponders allow for an automated response when an email message is delivered to a specific email account - perfect for out of the office replys
6.Full DNS Management allows you full control over the DNS for domains hosted within a HsT package
7.POP3 support allows you to use your favorite email client to check your email
8.Webmail support allows you to access your email from any webbrowser
9.Password protected directories allow users to setup restricted access to the contained content
10.phpMyAdmin provides a user-friendly interface to working with MySQL databases
12.Domain Aliases allow you to have multiple domain names that point to a single website
13.Create and manage your own custom mailing lists
14.A dedicated IP address has numerous benefits, including the ability to support using SSL to encrypt communication between your visitors and your website
15.SSL Support allows you to operate a secure website for sensitive information
If youu don't have a web site or don't know how to build a web site you can Create your own website instantly online NOW!

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